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The cult classic among German spirits!
Asbach has been active in Germany since 1892 and today it is one of the biggest brands in the domestic beverage market. Experience, passion and craftsmanship come together in the distillates made from only the best ingredients. To this day, the wine used in the production process comes from an in-house winery. The wines undergo a double distillation in copper stills, dividing the spirit into three parts. The middle part of the distillate, which is the most pure and suitable for ageing, is only used to eventually make Asbach. Maturation plays an important role in shaping the character of the spirit. For this reason, the spirit matures in relatively small barrels made of Limousin oak. Here, the spirit is given all the time it needs to mature and develop exactly the right bouquet. After this maturation period is complete, a second maturation takes place, during which numerous different distillates are combined so that, over time, they become one.


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