Blackwell rum 007

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Blackwell ‘fine Jamaican’ rum is authentically Jamaican – colorful, rich and complex.

Chris Blackwell, the man behind the rum, was the founder of Island Records, which brought Bob Marley and Reggae music to the world. Chris also owns GoldenEye, Ian Fleming’s (James Bond creator and author) villa where all the James Bond novels were written.
Taken from his family’s time-honored recipe—and enjoyed by the many musician and artist friends visiting Chris at GoldenEye—this AGED, rich and fragrant rum is filled with the warmth and sensuality of Jamaica, making it one of the finest gifts the island has to offer.

Celebrating James Bond in Jamaica with this very special limited edition bottle.

More about Blackwell 007

Black gold
A proprietary taste profile that achieves traditional dark rum character yet smooth and light body notes of a gold rum.

Handcrafted quality
Small batch pot distillation

Tropical aging
Aged two years to ‘mellow’ the rum but not take on overpowering woody notes

Soft and sweet entrance with vanilla & caramel flavors followed by toasted marshmallow and a natural spice finish

Luminous with a deep amber glow

Enjoy neat, over ice, or in your favorite cocktail

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