Hausberg Gin

Category Gin
Origin Germany
Alcohol 41.4% – 46.4%
Perfect Serve With mixer
Gin from the Alpines

Our gins are designed to be very tasty both on ice and with tonic water (3:1 to 4:1 ratio). As a best serve, we do recommend premium tonic waters with a high ratio of bitter ingredients.

Ingredients (so called botanicals) are always distilled in their respective harvesting season, when they are particularly ripe and tasty and harvested where the best consistent quality is guaranteed. We are very picky and careful in the selection of botanicals and sources of supply.


More about Hausberg Gin

All products are craft distilled in small batches in Germany. In the first batch, there are now 400 large bottles per Gin. We will never bottle more than 9,999 bottles annually per product in the future.

Our gins are developed with the help of internationally renowned experts.

We are distilling the botanicals one at a time so that our Gins may be classified as distilled gins. So they are not London Dry Gins.

This elaborate method of production allows us to achieve the lowest possible fluctuation margins in order to create a recurring and reliable enjoyment experience.

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