Pitu Rum

Perfect Serve
The cradle of sugar cane in Brazil

Pitu Cachaca is a drink originating from Brazil. The drink has a sweet taste and aroma, thanks to the use of cane sugar during the distillation process. It will come into its own extremely well when used to prepare a cocktail. Think of a Batidas cocktail. Pitu Cachaca is available in a 100cl bottle and contains 40% alcohol. Pitu is one of the most popular Cachaça brands in Brazil. Distilled from pure sugar cane, Pitu Cachaça is characterised by a deliciously fruity and fresh taste. Make delicious caipirinhas with it or incorporate Pitu Cachaça into other mixed drinks or cocktails. Pitú had its origins in 1938, when the very first distillate from the sugarcane factory was an instant hit. Without any publicity, this Cachaca sold out in no time.


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