Scots Gold

Perfect Serve
It’s time to go on a journey of discovery
After more than six months, Charles Edge London is proud to present its extensive range of Scots Gold award-winning Scotch whisky to the world. Added to its superior 3-year-old and 8-year-old distillates are two new variants a premium Red label and a 12-year-old blend. This collection takes enthusiasts on a journey of discovery of the different flavours of Scotch whisky in one complete collection. Scots is perfect for new and experienced Scotch drinkers alike! Novice Scotch whisky drinkers can experiment with the different distillates and thus flavours to find their favourite preference. the Scots whisky variants are also great for use in a cocktail or as a mixer. For the whisky connoisseur, we are very excited to present our 12-year-old blend. Our most premium whisky in the collection. A wonderfully smooth blend that is perfect. With a landscape feature of the beautiful Scottish Highlands and the mighty and majestic Golden eagle, Scots Gold Scotch whisky is a true spirit of the land.


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