Artisan Drinks

Mixers Mixers
Origin UK
Alcohol 0.0%
Perfect Serve Neat, in the mix
The art of mixing
Steve Cooper, Alan Walsh and Mikey Enright – respectively the drinks guru, the artist and the award-winning bar owner in Sydney – brought all their skills to the table to set up Artisan to create a vibrant, exciting drinks brand offering something very different in the market. For us the growth of interest in craft spirits stimulated our imaginations – what if we could produce the perfect range of mixers which would compliment spirits, add an extra dimension to cocktails and be equally delicious drunk on their own?


More about the art

Renowned for his images of glamorous females and quirky gents, Alan Walsh was the natural choice when it came to designing the characters that make the aesthetics of our bottles as unique as the taste of their contents.

Below, you can get to know our six mesmerising ladies and three equally captivating gents. The nine characters each have their own backstory and something in common with the flavour they represent.

Al is inspired by artists such as Andy Warhol and David Hockney, and has carved his own unique niche with one leg grounded in Art Deco and the other in Pop-Art.

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