Guizhou Ying Bin Baijiu Liqueur Dragon Nr. 9

Alcohol53 %
Perfect Serve
Guizhou Ying Bin Baijiu Liqueur Dragon Nr. 9

In Europe, both Baijiu and its production are virtually unknown. In its Chinese homeland, it is called “Baijiu” – translated it means “white alcohol”. You will probably be surprised to hear how “Baijiu” is made and that it is actually the most widely consumed liquor in the world. Yet Baijiu’s ingredients consist only of sorghum, millet, wheat and water. The peculiarity of these ingredients lies in the geographical location of the growing areas. The fact that Guizhou province is located on a high plateau, its subtropical, warm and humid climate, and the spring water of the “Chishui” river – which has worked its way through limestone – give Baijiu an unmistakable and clear flavour.

In the glass, the Guizhou Yingbin Dragon No. 9 (贵州迎宾酒 龙-9) is crystal clear and flawless. You shouldn’t make the mistake here of thinking that “clear” means “unripe” – no, it’s in the name, it’s been ripened for 6 years, the clay pots they use for it in China just don’t give off colour. You can see thick legs running away, already indicating the alcohol content of 53%, a very typical value for Sauce-Aroma-Baijiu.

The nose then reveals where the name comes from. Besides earthy millet, there is a distinct, dark soy sauce note, spicy and caramel at the same time, with hints of black, cocoa-heavy chocolate. A minimal hint of ripened cheese is typical of the style and well integrated. With all the heavy notes, a light green freshness is not at all awkward to lighten things up.

On the palate, you don’t usually hold Baijiu for long, just to discern details. Cumin, grain and earthy notes. A very oily texture clashes with the dryness common to sauce-flavoured baijiu, an unusual mixture to the layperson. The tartness increases as it progresses, a strong acidity develops without falling into unpleasant territory.The finish is medium-long, heavy with eucalyptus and cools on the palate, chocolatey notes linger.

Dragon No. 9 is a typical but relatively mild sauce-flavoured baijiu, slightly less uncomplicated and drinkable, without the very unusual flavours that put off many baijiu beginners. This really is a nice, easy entry into this not-so-easy category.

Sauce aroma Baiju, 53% vol. at 500ml, 7x distilled, 2 years production time, 9 years stored.

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