Mary White

Category Wodka
Origin Belgium
Alcohol 40%
Perfect Serve Neat or with mixer
100% pure Belgian Premium Vodka

Celebrating the legacy of Mary White, the uncrowned queen of bootleggers, we at Deluxe Distillery selected the finest grains and distilled them to perfection.

Our master-distiller added malted barley in precise proportions for a stout character with a swarthy tang. Drinking Mary White Vodka is experiencing a distinctive touch of grain in the nose, a fully developed tingly flavouron the palate, a smooth and silky texture on the tongue, and an epic aftertaste.

Sip Mary White Vodka neat, with your preferred mixer, or as an indispensable ingredient in your favourite cocktail. Have Mary White Vodka or nothing at all.

The story

The male dominated world of bootleggers was turned upside down by Mary White, who added feminine refinement and slyness to the annals of the Prohibition. Like Mary herself, with our refined and luxurious Mary White Vodka, we offer a feminine alternative to the male dominated world of spirits.

The process

This 100% pure Belgian Premium Vodka combines tailor made pure grain alcohol from rye and corn, with an edg y distillate from malt. The malt is macerated in the alcohol for 48 hours, before our master distiller fires up the copper pot still and cuts the exact fraction from the run. The end result is married together with our pure grain alcohol, and diluted to drinking strength with our own bore water from an 80-metre deep artesian layer. In order to retain a stout and pure drinking experience, no sugar or glycerol is added.

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