ODK dehyrdrated fruits

Category Botanicals
Origin Italy
Makes al drinks complete

A new line of 6 different fresh fruits, dried and dehydrated culminating in the perfect cocktail or dessert garnish. A natural dehydration process ensures each slice remains original in its taste and aesthetic.

The drying process has been perfected over many years, drying each slice of fruit for a long time at low temperature. This guarantees a balanced and natural evaporation of the water in each slice of fruit, leaving an unchanged flavour, taste and aroma.
OD dehydrated fruits are without any added sugars. Each slice contains only natural fruit sugars.


More about ODK

ODK was started in Italy in 1992 as a family business, originally the product range was limited to powdered drinks such as hot chocolates and frappes. After looking to the United States of America and observing how the cocktail scene was booming over there in the 1990s ODK decided to diversify into the cocktail market. Interestingly, ODK’s first jaunt into this new industry was characterised by the sale of bar equipment such as cocktail shakers and pourers, rather than cocktail ingredients.

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