ODK Fruit purees & ODK sirups

Category Sirups
Origin Italy
The best drinks always needs something special

Our ODK cocktail fruit purees have long been admired for our patented bottle design. Built in such a way so that the fruit puree remains sealed and fresh but with the ability to simply pop the cap and pour at a moments notice. The colour coded tops allow for easy identification in your speed rail or bar well and using ODK’s unique formula our fruit purees stay fresh for up to three months from opening. Mandarin to Papaya, there are plenty of fruits to choose from so why not explore the range today…

Renowned for our huge choice of flavours, ODK syrups are packed full of flavour and quality. Heavily concentrated, a little ODK syrup goes a long way. The versatility of the syrup range ensures that we can cater to almost any taste, be it bubblegum or blueberry, cardamom or cassis. Served in a stylish Italian glass bottle ODK syrups not only tastes good but looks great. Explore the range today…


More about ODK

ODK was started in Italy in 1992 as a family business, originally the product range was limited to powdered drinks such as hot chocolates and frappes. After looking to the United States of America and observing how the cocktail scene was booming over there in the 1990s ODK decided to diversify into the cocktail market. Interestingly, ODK’s first jaunt into this new industry was characterised by the sale of bar equipment such as cocktail shakers and pourers, rather than cocktail ingredients.

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