El Libertad – chapter four

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El Libertad is above all an ode to freedom and adventure.

They are rums of qualities from the Dominican Republic, developed with passion by the company Secret Arts of Spirits.
The development of graphic universes has been entrusted to the French designer Maurin ARMAND, creator of Studio Zephyr.
Between illustrations and hidden symbols, each label design is conceived as the chapter of a book:

• Chapter I “Flavor of Origin” – Spiced Rum blended with natural flavors (4°%)
• Chapter II “Flavor of Freedom” – 8 years old – SHERRY SPICED RUM aged in white oak cask 41,8%
• Chapter III “Flavor of Darkness” 8 years old – DARK OAK SPICED RUM aged in ex-Bourbon cask (48,1%)
• Chapter IV “Flavor of Heaven” which should see the day in 2020.

The challenge for this project was to tell a story with traditional illustrations in order to plunge rum lovers into a unique adventure,
like reading an excellent book.
El Libertad is a young brand that remains ambitious and brimming with creativity to surprise you constantly!

Join the adventure!