Ron Santiago de Cuba Isla Del Tesoro 20 Years Old

Alcohol40 %
Perfect Serve
Ron Santiago de Cuba Isla Del Tesoro 20 Years Old 70CL

Previously reserved only for Fidel Castro, this very exclusive rum is now available to the true connoisseur. A true treasure, the rum comes in a special case, presented in a vintage-looking ceramic decanter. This rum is the epitome of luxury and refinement, with a unique flavour that can only be obtained through a long maturation process. The craftsmanship and dedication that has gone into producing this rum is second to none, delivering a drink that offers a refined taste experience with every sip. It is a rum for the most discerning and demanding drinkers looking for the very best quality and an experience that will excite the senses.

The rich and deep flavour of this rum is provided by the most carefully selected and fermented sugarcane, which is then distilled and matured in the most carefully selected oak barrels. The complex and balanced flavours of this rum make it the perfect choice for a quiet moment of relaxation or to share with friends on special occasions. Enjoy this rare and exclusive rum and let its unique and unparalleled taste experience spoil your taste buds.


The Ron Santiago de Cuba Isla Del Tesoro 20 Years Old 70CL rum has won several awards. In 2018, the rum received the Crystal Taste Award at the Institute for Taste and Quality (ITQ) Quality Contest in Brussels, Belgium. In addition, the rum received the Superior Taste Award three years in a row and received all 3 stars, guaranteeing an exceptional product. These awards confirm the exceptional quality of the Ron Santiago de Cuba Isla Del Tesoro 20 Years Old 70CL rum.

Tasting notes

Fresh coffee beans, brown sugar, orange zest, apricot and chocolate-covered peanuts come together to create a delicious flavour profile. The coffee beans provide a spicy, earthy tone while the brown sugar gives it a sweet touch. The orange zest adds a fresh and citrusy flavour, while the apricot gives it a fruity and slightly sour taste. The chocolate-covered peanuts give the drink a creamy and nutty texture and also add some extra sweetness. It is an interesting combination of flavours that is definitely worth tasting.

Dutch Spirits Company is exclusive importer.


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