RX Gin

Category Gin
Origin The Netherlands
Alcohol 43%
Perfect Serve With tonic
Ricks botanical touch of Holland

In recent years, few drinks have been as popular as gin. And that’s no surprise! How diverse do you want a spirit to be? First of all the distiller can distill all kinds of exciting ‘botanicals’, together with the juniper. The choices are endless. In addition, gin forms the backbone of various long drinks and cocktails, such as the gin & tonic and the Negroni cocktail. You can also accentuate certain flavors by choosing a specific garnish – from lavender to sage leaves. That way you can keep tasting endlessly. You can taste and experiment endlessly.


More about RX Gin
The disadvantage of the large selection of gins on the market is that one no longer sees the wood for the trees. That is why we decided to develop a classic gin in 2017: RX Classic Dry Gin. RX Classic Dry Gin is a gin as gin was once intended. A gin in juniper on the front line again. The juniper berries, together with the other botanicals, first macerate in pure grain alcohol for a few weeks. The whole is then distilled in a 300-liter copper pot still. Lemon zest ensures freshness, the rhubarb root a “bite” and the ginger a “kick” in the finish.
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