RX Old Dutch

Category Genever
Origin Netherlands
Alcohol 38% – 41%
Perfect Serve Neat
Quality you can taste!

RX Old Dutch Genever
This old Dutch Genever has been fired twice in a traditional Dutch way in copper kettles. As a base a malt of 100% grain has been used and you can taste that in the soft sweet tones. With hand picked juniper berries and with the addition of a tuned amount of coriander seeds, the delicious drink has become a pleasant aftertaste. Taste notes: the smell of interest, sweetish. Tastes a bit fruity with a hint of Pilsner malt next to the juniper. Aftertaste: mild.

RX Old Dutch Peated Genever
The Dutch primal recipe of this old Genever traditionally fired in copper kettles has peat-smoked malt as main ingredient. This gives the smell of peat and the taste of a soft smoking campfire. Secondary flavors are coriander seeds and hand picked juniper berries. Despite a relatively high alcohol percentage to make the flavors come across optimally, it remains an old Genever with a soft aftertaste.


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