Category Brandy
Origin Georgia
Alcohol 40%
Perfect Serve Neat
Unique and remarkable

The rich and unique collection of the “Sarajishvili House” is based on the years of experience, the work of talented technologists and the pursuit to excellence. Brandy aficionados and professionals alike admire our collection of unique masterpieces, many of which span over a century were produced before.

David Sarajishvili has devoted his entire life to the creation of unique Georgian wine brandy and the “Sarajishvili House” is honored in to follow in his footsteps. Constant creative search and pursuit of progress inspire us to create new and remarkable flavors.
Each product of “Sarajishvili House” has its own history, age, origin, character, image and qualities. The spirits of “Sarajishvili House” contribute to create a cozy atmosphere and give you the opportunity to communicate in a pleasant situation and discover the unique taste of Georgian wine brandy. This unique brandy has a VS, a VSOP, an XO and an Extra.


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