Winners Gin & Vodka

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Winners Gin & Vodka

The man behind Winners Gin and Vodka is Robert Heilbron, a successful sailor and entrepreneur who has won many sailing championships and built several well-known fashion brands, such as O’Neill and Sapph lingerie. Rob is the kind of guy who always wants to win. Everyone wants to be a winner. Some make it to the Olympics, others become Winners in business. Most people love that winning feeling. Our unique Gin is based on the herb Horsetail, it contains many beneficial ingredients that give you that Winning feeling. In addition to a special Gin, Rob also has a Winners Raw, unfiltered Vodka. Don’t be a loser and pre-order your own bottles of Winners gin and Vodka now. We are looking for distributors at  Europe for this new brand.  More information: [email protected]


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