Leopard Natural

Category Mixers
Origin Luxembourgh
Alcohol 0.0%
Perfect Serve Cold
Refreshing & revitalizing

Leopard Natural is a new fruit based sparkling drink with 5
ingredients only. A refreshing and revitalizing experience without additives or added sugar.

Unique combination of ingredients giving an unusual exotic flavor (Ginger, Cardamom, Lime & Pear).
Maca and added vitamins stimulate restore and revitalize consumers body in their daily performance.

For every moment

Designed to perfectly satisfy the taste experience of adults which is changing and becoming more mature Leopard Natural is suited for everyday situations in the busy life of consumers.

Be the first to offer to your customers a unique drink that combines VITALITY to the NATURAL STRENGTH of the ingredients.

Thanks to Leopard you can win new customers, from soft drink consumers to fruit juice consumers.

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